The Comparative History of Political Engagement in Western and African Societies

Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, this international network is based at the Centre for the Study of Democratic Culture (CSDC), University of Sheffield. Over the next three years (2010-2013), the network will foster interdisciplinary collaborations and research. Network partners in France and South Africa will work with the CSDC on several workshop meetings that will bring together academic and non-academic contributors. Our core aim is to demonstrate how historical and comparative perspectives on political engagement can address an issue of pressing contemporary concern: the limitations and frailties of democracy.

This website is an ongoing project. Throughout the network’s lifetime it will grow to include more resources, information about new collaborators and details of our activities as we plan them. The network intends the website to become a hub for discussing and disseminating ideas and research relating to political engagement.

Revolutions, Liberation Movements and Peoples in Europe and Africa

By David Andress I recently returned from a workshop at the University of Pretoria, organised as part of the project┬áThe Comparative History of Political Engagement in Western and African Societies led by a team at the University of Sheffield. As well as enjoying a very hospitable welcome, I also had a very stimulating series of …

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‘Felons of our Land': Prisoners, Politics and Protest in Modern Irish History

By Cormac Behan In 2006, the Irish government enfranchised prisoners and they had their first opportunity to vote by postal ballot during the 2007 general election. My area of research has hitherto primarily been on prisoners and political engagement, having conducted studies among Irish prisoners about political participation and civic engagement. While I have written …

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